Sex, Horror & Violence vs. Unyielding Faith!

On September 20th, 1928, in a monastery high in the hills of Southern Italy, something very strange happened to a certain Capuchin monk.

Alarmed by the unexplainable events which began to follow, the Church ordered his immediate confinement. But even the thick stone walls of his cell could not detain the phenomenal forces that surrounded him. In a very short time, the entire countryside was keenly aware of his presence. And now, the World will know....

Author's Note

This story is based on the true facts of Padre Pio's life. Some of the events herein are composites of events that have been documented by numerous and reliable sources. Readers who are doubtful, or those who wish to delve further into the story of Padre Pio's life, are referred to the numerous writings about this remarkable Capuchin friar-priest, some listed at the end of this book. Since many of the people involved in Padre Pio's life may still be alive, some of their names have been changed. A few of the characters are also fictitious.

The person who reads this novel and then explores this religious man further will discover that the real life of Padre Pio is far more remarkable and fantastic than any product of this writer's imagination. Many of the anecdotes are difficult to believe, and I present them as a reporter, for you to determine believability for yourself. However, these stories have been researched, in an attempted to be disproved by many, including the Vatican. Though some could not be verified, they could not be disproven.

I now respectfully submit my story of Padre Pio, The Capuchin...

Padre Pio... The Capuchin

  • Couldn't put this wonderful book down. I'd heard of Padre Pio in the past but never learned anything about him until now. This book definitely renewed my faith.
  • Dramatic portrayal of a great saint. Padre Pio led a fascinating, dramatic life and The Capuchin captures the sense of what it must have felt like to know him. Battles with demons, temptations, miracles of bilocation, stigmata, healing, conversion, and other graces are all addressed in a way that make me want to pray harder to be more like St. Pio. However, if you are looking for a biography with footnotes, this is not the book you want. This is a novel, with a focus on several characters in St. Pio's life, including Gena, who grew up in the same village with him. She is afflicted by demonic influences, particularly toward lust. While not for the younger reader, Gena's story is not depicted in a salacious manner, but deals realistically with sin. Pio's respect and friendship for Gena reflects Christ's tenderness toward sinners, and her story is inspiring. I enjoyed the novel very much, but I have a few criticisms. In some places, it slips into more of a biographical telling of events rather than staying with its strength of focusing on the lives of particular characters. The other criticism is that the book does not contain a great deal of Pio's own inner experience, but focuses more on those who observed him. As it is a novel, the book could have imagined more of his spiritual life. However, I enjoyed reading The Capuchin, and I recommend it for those interested in Padre Pio or the power of prayer.

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