We folks over forty begin to notice our memories are going to hell in a hurry.


We think we re getting Alzheimer's, senility, Dementia, or worse. We all have heard that, Old dogs can't learn new tricks! Sharpening the Aging Mind will dispel these fears and myths and give you real tools to keep your mind in tact, in shape and sharp as a tack!

The mind is much like a muscle in that disuse causes atrophy while with exercise the mind can grow and develop in people more than 100 years of age...

Written by a doctor and a psychologist, Sharpening the Aging Mind is a familiar prescription for their patients and now they are releasing it to the Boomer Generation, who number more than their individual practices can handle!

Enjoy the read - and relax and enjoy your life and the memories you already have and the ones you're going to create!

Sharpening the Aging Mind

  • When I got Sharpening the Aging Mind, I thought to myself, "I probably don't need to read this book for about 20 years, when my mind gets old." Not the case at all! This book lends exceptional advice for anyone at any age. It's a plethora of fabulous ideas on how to conduct a healthy, productive life from beginning to end. Dr. Seiden hits another homerun!!!!

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