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After researching the transcripts of the trials of the Nazis at Nuremburg and interviewing 'The Remnant' or Jewish survivors of the holocaust, many still living in Israel; Othniel J. Seiden was compelled to write their startling and remarkable stories of World War II.

In this stunning and compelling novel about the Hebrew-faithful who managed-against all odds to remain free and fight, Seiden documents their survival, their suffering, their resistance missions and their guerrilla warfare tactics against the Nazi forces.

Also, well documented, the tragedy of Kiev and now infamous ravine of Babi Yar where it is thought that nearly a million people, Jews and non-Jews alike were massacred. These brave few escaped the certain death of their co-religionists by acts of bravery and sheer determination to live. The myth that the Jewish people "went to their deaths like sheep to slaughter. . ." is put to rest forever in the stories of "The Remnant."

The Remnant

  • Compelling and Spellbinding - Unbelievable how inhumane we can be to each other based on religious a Catholic, I was ashamed and horrified to read about the treatment the Vatican gave to those it was supposed to protect, yet the ultimate triumph that the survivors found was not so much a homeland, as it was recognition of what they endured during the savagery that was WWII. This book will make you think about how you view the rest of the world.
  • We should never forget! The Remnant is an amazing true story of the horrors brought on by Hitler's Third Reich towards millions of Jews. Absolutely evil how people can so easily be led to hate someone just for their beliefs and/or religion. No one should ever forget the Holocaust! Never! Every student at the age of 13 or younger should read books that tell the truth of the horrors that took place during WWII. One MUST know History so as not to repeat the atrocities that took place at any given time to any race, or to anyone of any religious persuasion.

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