The miracle of its survival was predicted - guaranteed.

The written history of the House of Avraham has been born out by the pick and shovel of 20th century archaeology. To doubt its validity in the face of all the evidence is foolishness. But maybe I'm mistaken for perhaps the family of fools is even older than the House of Avraham.

Like every family, the House of Avraham is a mixed lot. There have always been a few who saw little value in the birthright - tried denying it - gave it up - but seldom with success or to their own benefit. Others faced agony, torture, death - rather than give it up. Those who survived hopefully found their reward; those who perished - who knows what prize awaited them for their sufferings. Such are the things faith is made of.

It was predicted. It has come to pass.

Seed of Avraham

  • This book should perhaps be called "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Judaism, Jewish People, and Jewish History." Fictional stories are mixed with facts.
  • I feel I now have traveled through time. I've been through World War 2 and the Holocaust; I've been through the Crusades; I've seen the pogroms in Russia; I've been to Germany where Reformed Judaism began; I've walked to Palestine with a Jewish couple who wished to escape Jewish persecution in Russia; I've seen anti-semitism in its worst forms; I've seen a young Jewish boy ask to be exempt from singing Christmas Carols in public school; I've seen Jewish families deal with eating non-Kosher foods and not observing the Sabbath; I've met the Judge Deborah; and I've even seen David kill Goliath. I've met the Baal Shem Tov who founded Hasidic Judaism and I've even met Rabbi Akiva and learned about the Nazarenes and "Joshua the Messiah."
  • Yes, "Seed of Avraham" is an amazing read and is a "page turner" at times. There were also times I had to go back and read entire chapters again since there is so much information in this book. I wanted to understand everything and I learned so much.
  • The book tells historical stories through the eyes of average Jewish people that could or may have been my relatives. The book skips from thousands of years ago and moves to the present, then goes back hundreds of years, and then moves to the present, and then goes back two or three thousand years. What a great way to travel through time and to learn at the same time!
  • In addition, certain Jewish words and terms and names are highlighted in bold throughout the volume. I was surprised how many of those words and terms and names I already knew!

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